ZAP! Juice

E-Liquid Branding and Packaging


Zap Juice is a premium e-liquid brand, being sold internationally and in stores in the UK. I was responsible for the visual design from the start, designing the logo, creating the packaging, and all the art assets.

Vapor IMP

Vaping tank Branding and Packaging


From the packaging to logo design, I worked and created all the details of the IMP line of the Vapor E-Cigarette.After discussing a few options, we settled on the imp character for this medium range line of product, intended to guide the beginners to more advanced vaping, and is currently available in UK stores.

George Foreman

Refreshing a Classic Brand


Part of the team tasked with giving the classic brand a makeover, we created the new look, producing assets, catalogue pages and packaging, the result of which is the guideline for all of the marketing and images going forward. In 2020 George Foreman had another rebranding,